the town crazies

In moments of sadness, beauty explodes. In moments of simple pleasure, we remember you the most.

Here I am at my deepest, most vulnerable and completely abstruse.

Does your heart beat to the sound of the sun taking its daily exhale from your sight.
Do you whisper incantations for the protection of your soul as the valiant day blue blushes
And indigos.
How do you place your hands over your body when you realise the world failed to recognise your spirit,
That all you are is a hum to the louder beat of the universe.
Your atoms do not compare to that of a thunderstorm,
Or the reverberating crash as a tree falls by the hands of man.
These events have consequences and moral,
Deeper than you and I.
They are the particles that change our distributions,
That affect our collisions.
You and I,
We are nothing but space,
But what my heart feels for you takes up infinity.

The voices of a thousand angels echo
crash landing in the crevasses
God made in his anger.
Unfolding themselves
in all their shattered splendour.
Crumpled wings, children in the streets
fight for trailing feathers.
Luminescent bodies with iridescent voices
repent their desires,
animal wants,
hungry needs.
And as they stumble
the strength seeps from their torn hearts
And blooms in hope and jitters into the air
And their bodies gasp for mortal breath.

Shuffling toes
scratch their way over splintered, wooded
jetties, the splash and spray and swaying hum of salt water
Sets bones and hearts.
Where are you from? It asks
your sweater dangles
off your shoulder
And the wind bites your collarbone
reminding you,
you are mortal
and flesh made of your ancestors.
Not quite what you thought you would come to understand,
The universe moves against you to show you
as you arrive at the crumbling edge,
the sea welcomes you
It’s cloak waiting to enfold
in its preserving embrace.
Weighing your courage
by the grip of your toes on crumbling corners.

We’ve got the soul to move the mountains,

in the rain we don’t falter.

Would it be the blood of gods that wind their way, ferociously, majestically,

through my mortal veins.

the soft whispers, of ancient mouths

divulging the secrets to persistence

through my weak ears.

I am the child of the rain 

and blue crystal glaciers.

I am the wind in the east 

and the dirt that settles relentlessly on your skin.

The sun is the eye of my mother,

who watches with double haze clarity every hour

and pierces me with her love

as she blinks away the days woes.

Peppered with the colours of the universe and dirt.

Earth child.

I dreamed a cascade
of colours poured from your eyes.
And all the sunsets were named
after you.
Like the air at the top of a mountain,
I am lightheaded in awe.
It is impossible to describe the feeling of perseverance.
The acknowledgement of dead weight
pulling your body down,
Yet, an unswerving jet of energy pulsing through my finger tips and collar bones.
That is what it feels like to love.

I have this kind of image
and it’s completely underrated.
I wish that you could see it,
but you see right through me.
I don’t know if I’m worried
But I know that I’m scarred.
I wanted to be a butterfly
and you’ve painted me a rose.

Is it not enough to wish the termination of the ravishing of the body by my selfs doing.
To glimpse a moon and it’s loves
through heavy lashed eyes.
Were it not for this war I wage on myself,
I would explode over every ridge of a single footpath.

Harbouring ignorant dreams
Of candy floss days.
Condemned to mourn the not-lost, wish-it-was
fairy tale you are creating with another.
My thoughts are punctured with your calloused hands and gentle eyes.

I asked my lungs to let me breathe.

To let it all work so that my heart could beat.

To let my eyes open from weary grey

and my lids rise from fitful, wistful sleep.

Once there was a hand that slid down my back,

whose fingers whispered patterns on my hips and

lips that emboss poems onto my brow.

That is a veil lifted,

a memory scoured and blissful.

A time cherished and forever pedestalled.

My lungs will no longer gasp for calloused lips, 

nor poetic fingers.

we are but the foulest of creatures,

with the purest of hearts,

that no one will ever see.

i am hidden from you because of what you could do to me,

and i hide on my sleeve so you think its make believe.

sometimes when you hold my neck and whisper in my ear 

"did you miss me?"

i say,


Raw water rolls softly away from your palm as you place it against its soul.

It echoes your hand print and send goose bumps numbing your legs to your ankles and contracting your chest.

Exhale and let the burst of life so hidden from yourself jump from your skin and chase patterns in the sky.

Let your eyes roam the ink black night for an angel star that can sway with you on mellow nights across the old cobbled streets in your city of rebirth.

That can caress you in light like cashmere and protect you like amour.

I dream of you running your forefinger down the spine of my back

as we waltz around the corners of the shower stall.

Kiss my shoulder as we ignite and hot water jets over our passionate bodies.

I could face the outside with someone like you.

In our haste to be great,

we called ourselves Gods.

The towns people sighed and in relief they said

Thank the heavens, they are only human. 

I am sure that it is the colours of your hair that express the algorithm to breath. The dying sun is what pumps my heart and I vow to commit to the moments that hold the sparks. We walk and walk and I can feel something growing. It would be almost undistinguisable to an outsider but we feel that connection. Some unexplainable fluididity, some mutual feeling to watch the jaded orange from the sun glint off the beer bottles and scortch our eyes. It dips behind the mountains and so do our inhibitions but I never want to leave your side. This is where you grab my hand, scull your drink and we howl to the growing moon.

You are the ocean
and I like to keep you close.
You touch me gently.
I am at bliss.
Your words rush over me
in magnificent torrents of
tenderness and humour
so that when we are finally silent,
I feel cleansed,
Almost light.
Your emotions show on your face
and I love the way
deep within you, I see,
there is more that you wish to say.
Your eyes glitter with the colour of the world.
With you there is just being
and life is as fragile and impenetrable
as the ocean that keeps you.